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  • Social Responsibility

    Walked Into Jinke



    Self-Development and Reply the community,Commitment to Environment Protection and Public Welfare,Becoming an excellent corporate citizen.


    We donated 13 million Yuan to shangyu "Helping and Supporting the Poor Corporate-Naming Charity Fund";

    We donated 10 million Yuan to establish "Jinke Mingzhi Books Fund";

    We donated 3 millon Yuan for the repair of Shun Temple;

    We donated 2 million Yuan for culture undertaking of shangyu;

    We donated 2 million Yuan for the establish of "Jinke Staduim" in Chunhui Middle School;

    We donated 1 million Yuan to Shangyu Disabled Person's Federation;

    We donated 1 million Yuan to establish the "Jinke Times Gardener Fund"  in Shangyu;

    We donated 1 million Yuan to establish the "Jinke Scholarship Fund " in Zhejiang University of Techology;

    We donated 1.28 milloin Yuan to the flood relief work in Jinlin;

    We donated more than 1.17million Yuan to the earthquake in Wenchuan;





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